It's not just computer vision, it's Superhuman Vision

Few-shot Learning

Learns new concepts with very few training images.

Thinks like you do

Your own customised models that think like you do.

Easily trainable

Generate new models easily, even with non-experts.

Built for the edge

Runs locally with little processing power and storage.
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Content management

Our new generation AI-powered computer vision solution comes packed with market-leading technology that analyzes visual media with groundbreaking quality and speed.
Image & video keywording
Instantly identify 10,000 highly accurate concepts that span categories such as emotions, environment, people and objects.
Similarity search
Search for images that are similar both in style and content by simply providing a reference image.
Aesthetic ranking
A pre-trained, powerful aesthetics model that identifies the best content from your collections.

Facial recognition

Our facial recognition solution natively identifies over 11,000 celebrities in both images and videos. It can also learn new identities by providing just one reference image, making it very easy to identify anyone.

Few-shot Learning

Few-shot Learning means that your computer vision model learns new concepts with very little training data.

Show your model some positive examples and a few negatives. Then stand back and watch the magic happen.

Love plants? The tech will not only detect images of plants, but also keep your aesthetic in mind.

It's called Few-shot Learning and it changes everything.
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Superhuman performance

A new generation of AI-powered computer vision is poised to disrupt every market.

More accurate image and video metadata than Amazon or Google.
Analyses video 10x faster than real-time.
100 times faster than a human annotator.

The Netherlands’ largest press agency optimizes their archive using our facial and image recognition solutions. Client searches now return more relevant images, which increases revenues while reducing costs.

The largest press agency in Germany uses Mobius Labs to automatically categorize the thousands of images they source to news outlets around the world every day.

The leading German stock photo and media company leverages Mobius Labs to provide instant recommendations on the best photographs for printing.

Japan’s largest stock photo provider uses Mobius Labs to create exclusive style filters that automatically curate collections of images for the Japanese market.

The leading technology platform for connecting brands with audiences enhances their visual search with Mobius Labs, reducing costs and increasing processing speed.

Trunk Archive, a prominent photography licensing agency in New York, deploys customized image analytics from Mobius Labs to increase search accuracy and maximize profits.

"Mobius [Labs] has changed the game for Influential by dramatically enhancing our visual search capabilities, reducing costs and increasing our processing speeds exponentially."

— Scott Giovanni, EVP Product

"The speed and accuracy of the Mobius Labs SDK is excellent. It will ensure that we squeeze as much revenue as possible from our archive and new additions to the collection."

— Patrick Rasenberg, Product Manager Photo