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Unlock the true value of your content

The future of advanced visual + audio search and recommendation is here today with our high-speed, cost-effective and scalable AI metadata solutions Powered by Visual DNA.

Metadata Mastery

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Dominic Rüfenacht - Head of Science | Co-founder bei Mobius Labs GmbH
Deep Visual Analysis

Find physical and conceptual elements in images and videos; identify individuals and their expressions. Prioritize content according to relevance.

Streamlined Customization

Easily train models to understand new concepts, people or styles based on the ever-growing needs of your business and the preferences of your users.

Absolute Control

An SDK that installs directly alongside your content for unparalleled privacy and speed: on-premise, on-device, or in the cloud. We don’t need access to your data.

Flexible and customizable

AI that easily adapts to your exact business needs.

Promotes commercialization

Unlocks new commercial opportunities, optimizes processes.

Deeply analyzes visuals

Identifies emotions, themes, objects, people, and more.

Ensures control and privacy

Your data is never sent back to us.

More than 30 companies
trust us globally.

"Automation is critical to the EditShare offering. Thanks to Mobius and FLOW AI, content can be tagged when it is first ingested, or you can run the software to go through your archives and tag historical files just as quickly and efficiently."

Iain Churchill-Coleman

Product Manager

"Mobius Labs delivers a solution that offers deep content insights alongside simple management and powerful performance. We are particularly impressed with the data points and results we have seen from Mobius Labs."

Brad Kofoed

Senior Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels

"Mobius Labs has changed the game for Influential by dramatically enhancing our visual search capabilities, reducing costs and increasing our processing speeds exponentially."

Scott Giovanni

EVP Product

“Mobius met our two main objectives: highest success rate, including emotional recognition while demonstrating a clear understanding of our industry. Together they contributed to our decision to select their computer vision technology.”

Patrick Rasenberg

Product Manager Photo

“As well as being groundbreaking technology, the Mobius Labs software plays a human role in the growth of our community by guiding contributors towards a visual style that is distinctive and therefore more likely to be discovered in an online marketplace.”

Ramzi Rizk

Co-Founder and CTO

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