Leading stock photography agency EyeEm uses computer vision to maximise revenue

Learn how Berlin–based EyeEm uses Superhuman Vision technology to deeply analyse their photo libraries for quality content.

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With more than 20 million photographers uploading over 100 million photographs to their platform, EyeEm wanted to better identify content with high commercial potential. Using computer vision solutions, they were able to do so with lightning speed.

More accurate tagging of photos and videos in milliseconds.

Enable community participants maximize revenue from uploads.

Support the identification of images with higher commercial value.

Strengthen partnership with stock libraries by supplying more, high-quality images.

“Using the legacy model it took an average of 2.67 seconds for each photo whereas with the new Mobius Labs model it takes 1.35 seconds, reducing the time by 50%.”

—  Azhagu Selvan, Principle Engineer, EyeEm

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