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Top 3 reasons why computer vision is changing the asset management game

Top 3 reasons why computer vision is changing the asset management game

Thought leadership

Our Marketing Magic

May 13, 2022
March 30, 2022
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Anika Khan Naya
Growth Marketing Manager

After completing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Anika wanted to move to a completely different place and settle down on her own. She came to Berlin for her Postgraduate studies in Marketing Management, and started working in the city. As our Growth Marketing Manager, she looks after all paid media advertising and lead generation campaigns. She is also involved in building marketing strategies and budgeting.

Anika loves traveling and trying out new restaurants and cuisines when she is on her trips. On a free day, you’ll find her either taking naps or binging on a wide range of series.

Christian Konigs
Head of Marketing

Christian (aka Chris), our Head of Marketing, comes from Mexico, and has been living in Berlin for several years now. He completed his Bachelor’s in Business and Economics from Canada’s University of Western Ontario, followed by two postgraduate degrees in Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing. As the head of our marketing department, Chris is in charge of building the Mobius Labs brand to let the world know who we are & what we do, and is communicating how our technology can add value to every business.

Chris’s friends would describe him as someone who never replies to WhatsApp messages and hates loud places. On the other hand, he loves taking risks: he is most proud of the time when he and his partner adopted a dog who had been rescued from the streets of a small town in Hungary. Chris wanted to give a better life to the little one, and now Vasco is a happy, healthy dog who quietly sneaks onto the couch when no one is looking.

Isabel Montalvao
Events & Partnerships Marketing Manager

Our Events and Partnerships Marketing Manager, Isabel, completed a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Lisbon, and soon realized that life is too short to wear everyday business-formal wear. She then decided to move forward with her passion of event planning and management. After living in Italy and the UK for a couple of years, she moved back to Lisbon, from where she works remotely with us. Isabel manages all our global event activities, starting from logistics to commercial strategies. She is also responsible for working with our partners on joint marketing campaigns.

Isabel is proud to have lived and survived in many different countries, and of her two lovely babies. She loves eating and cooking different cuisines (including but not limited to) Portuguese, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian, and even British! But if she could choose her last meal, it would be the Outsider's Tart American pancakes in Chiswick, London.

Laurent Liou
Product Marketing Manager

Born in France, Laurent is now based in Munich, Germany, and works remotely as our Product Marketing Manager. Laurent’s friends would describe him as someone who is curious about everything, and is a creative and social person: which makes him the perfect go-to person as the link between our Product and Sales teams. His role is to understand the product-market fit of our technology, help improve our unique selling propositions, and communicate this to our customers through different campaigns.

Laurent has travelled to several countries for work, and loves meeting new people who have varied lifestyles that challenge his way of thinking. When he’s not working on product-market fits, he likes to sculpt, read comics, run (he once completed a marathon in less than 4 hours), and meet his friends. Like most of us, he hates doing his tax declarations.

Trisha Mandal
Content and Comms Coordinator

Trisha hails from the state of West Bengal in India, and is a quintessential Bengali (loves good food, music, and literature). After completing her BA in English Honours from Kolkata, she moved to Berlin to pursue her MA in British Studies. She spent most of her Master’s trying to convince people that it is okay for her (as an Indian) to pursue ‘British’ studies, following which she dove straight into the world of technology. As our Content and Comms Coordinator, she applies her thorough understanding of the English language to tech jargon in order to make it accessible, understandable, and enjoyable by anyone. She also handles all our public relations and press coverage- multitasking to coordinate interviews and maintain deadlines.

Trisha is super proud that even in the midst of the pandemic, she managed to work part time and simultaneously complete her Master thesis about the fine arts field in the UK, and not so proud that she still cannot (really) play her ukulele even after 1.5 years of trying.

Xana Ramos
Visual and Motion Designer

Xana would be described by everyone around her as ‘that radical feminist and vegan friend’. She is from Portugal, and completed her Bachelor’s in Communication Design at FBAUP, Porto and a Postgraduate degree in Motion Design at ESAD, Matosinhos. In our marketing team, Xana is the person who overlooks our complete brand identity: she has developed strategies, built our digital ecosystem, developed designs on Webflow, and created motion graphics to support our brand messaging. She also collaborates with our different teams for day-to-day challenges which include (but are not limited to) designing landing pages, digital campaigns, case studies, and videos.

Some of Xana’s favourite things to do are listening to When I Met You (Lemin) on loop, dancing, and smashing the patriarchy on a daily basis.

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Written by
Trisha Mandal
Edited by
Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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