Superhuman Search

The no-code, no-tagging visual search solution that works out of the box.
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The Next Generation
Visual Search Solution

Simply show your model some positive examples and a few negatives.
Then stand by and watch the magic happen.

1. Superhuman Search

Find the perfect visuals using plain language, without metadata or tags.

2. Create a new concept

Use these intricate search results to train an entirely new concept.

3. Train your model

Show the model some positive and negative examples of the new concept.

4. Validation

Improve your model with more examples, instantly improving its performance.
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Body Positivity

Superhuman Search

Plain language, no metadata
Find your visuals plain language, without the need for metadata or tags.

Unlimited vocabulary
Implicitly understand any action, emotion, idea, or complex term, without being limited by a set number of keywords.

Democracy in crisis

Superhumanly secure
Superhuman Search™ is built for total control and privacy. Its SDK keeps your data where it belongs: with you.
A new way to find your visuals
Superhuman Search™ completely changes the way you find your visuals, no code or metadata required.

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