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AI-powered image & video tagging that increases accuracy and revenue.
Achieve image recognition in 50% less time with computer vision from Mobius Labs.
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Few-shot Learning

Few-shot Learning means that your computer vision model learns new concepts with very little training data.

Show your model some positive examples and a few negatives. Then stand by and watch the magic happen.

Love plants? The tech will not only detect images of plants, but also keep your aesthetic in mind.

It’s called Few-shot Learning and it changes everything.
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Thinks like you do

Mobius Labs lets you create your own customised models that think like you do.

You can define concepts—including abstract ideas, sentiments and aesthetics—and train a model for it in a matter of minutes.

Instead of generic, off-the-shelf AI, you own a model that thinks like you do and it never stops learning.
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Easily trainable

Train a computer vision model that is perfectly suited for your applications, devices and processes.

And you can do it without any advanced AI skills or an engineering team — just a few training samples and some clicks-and-taps are more than enough.

Now anyone can build easily trainable computer vision models that give you unassailable competitive advantages.
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Built for the edge

Our compressed algorithms need very little processing power or storage and they run locally instead of sending data to the cloud.

The result: high-performance computer vision optimised for edge devices like mobile phones and laptops.
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Tech that you control

Our vision platform is delivered as an SDK that you can deploy on premise to keep your data private.

This is the computer vision platform that you create and deploy for your own advantage — not an off-the-shelf solution that everyone uses.

High-performance computer vision technology that you control to keep your data safe and secure.
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What could you do with Superhuman Vision?

Add Superhuman Vision to your applications, devices and processes and you've seized unassailable competitive advantages.

A marketing bot that knows which images most amplify the brand?

Instantly sift through millions of images and find the ones that resonate most with your audience.

Superhuman Vision helps you build stronger customer connections.

An image or video library that tags itself?

More accurate tagging of images and videos to quickly find the best visual content for any concept.

Superhuman Vision delivers the best visual search in the market.

A newsroom that sees the world faster?

The world is drowning in images and video. Spot the key moments with lighting speed and accuracy.

Superhuman Vision turns noise into insight.

Computer vision for applications

Now your software can scan and interpret the world.

This is Superhuman Vision for consumer apps, games, services and for business softwares — from security and supply chain to retail, marketing and customer care.
Process a million images to quickly find the ones that matter.
Watch 10,000 hours of video to find the 6 seconds you need.
Scan a busy street to spot new fashion trends.
superhuman vision tags for dog image

Even a dog can see this is a dog

First generation computer vision just sees "dog".
Superhuman Vision sees:






is in the eye of the beholder.

Superhuman Vision™ lets you decide what's important

Off-the-shelf computer vision can identify only known objects. Superhuman Vision lets you decide what's important.

Even non-technical users can create the perfect computer vision model for the purpose, using very little training data. It's called Few-Shot Learning and it changes everything.

Show your model ten positive examples and a few negatives. Then stand back.

superhuman vision tennis player 2superhuman vision tennis player 1superhuman vision tennis player 3

Computer vision for edge devices

Superhuman Vision is high-performance computer vision optimised for edge devices like mobile phones and laptops.
A smartphone that recognizes your family members.
A fridge that knows exactly what's inside.
A car that spots driver fatigue or makes trip videos.

It's computer vision in an SDK

Most computer vision solutions can only be delivered as a cloud service.
So connectivity issues affect performance and data movements breach privacy.

Superhuman Vision also comes as a Software Development Kit (SDK) so it can live wherever your visual content lives.

Performance ・ Privacy ・ Control ・ Compliance ・ Ownership

Computer vision for processes

Bring vision and AI to the way your people work.
Think about your own processes.
What if they could see — and understand — the world?
A reception desk that recognizes guests and employees.
An assembly line that spots defects.
An insurance claims process that detects anomalies.

Bring AI to your business.
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