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We are changing the way the world works with visual media

Human sight is the core perceptual faculty which gives us the ability to gather new perspectives, organize and make sense of our world. We understand news stories, navigate social interactions, record our memories and broaden the scope of our human knowledge through visual media. 

Our technology uses advanced AI technology to augment visual skills and enable our users to get to the right visuals faster and more efficiently. We are building Mobius Labs with passion and scientific dedication to understand the marvels and mysteries of visual AI. The intersection of humanity and technology is a magical place, it is our playground and each day it takes us into new horizons!

Appu Shaji, Founder

Meet the team

Meet Mobiu’s team of scientist and machine-learning experts

Science Department

Dr. Appu Shaji

CEO & Co-Founder


Dr. Dominic Ruefenacht

Senior Computer Vision Scientist & Co-Founder


Dr. Hicham Badri

Senior Computer Vision Scientist & Co-Founder


Aleksandr Movchan

Computer Vision Engineer
& Co-Founder


Engineering AND Product Department

Usman Bashir

VP of Product & Engineering

Aqeel Aliani

Delivery Engineer

Evan de Riel

Backend Engineer

Sales Department

Will Hannan

VP Sales & Partnerships


Jared Cox

Account Executive


Martin Roberts

Senior Account Executive


Nuno Pegado

Business Development Representative


Sai Kamat

Solutions Engineer


Marketing Department

Christian Konigs

Head of Marketing


Xana Ramos

Graphic Designer


Operations Department

Kai Kraemer



Anastassia Ustritskaja

Finance & Administration Manager

Julia Frese

Office Manager

Help us give the magic of sight to computers

We’re a passionate team dedicated to understanding the marvels and mysteries of visual AI. Check out our open positions and join the Mobius Labs team today.

Mobius Labs is supported by:

The research activities of Mobius Labs are supported by a ProFIT grant. The funds support the creation of an auto-clean system and a federated learning platform which focus on few-shot learning, collaboration and data-privacy.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Development Fund (EFRE)

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