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We are Mobians

AI experts and enthusiasts who make innovative computer vision technology accessible for everyone.

million in funding

Our Story

A Berlin-based, fun-loving set of geeks who are passionate about giving machines a human-like power of perception.

We've created a next-gen AI solution that transcends the boundaries of computer vision adoption and empowers any enterprise to supercharge their applications, devices, and processes.

Making science simple

AI technology should be accessible, usable & trainable by everyone. And we do just that.

Creating a safe-place

We believe in a thoroughly inclusive work culture where everybody feels at home.

Healing the world

Identify a charity of a cause you believe in, and we'll make monthly contributions to the same.

More than 30 companies
trust us globally.

Life at Mobius

Whether it's from your living-room work station or at our HQ in Berlin, we interact, collaborate, and make things happen on-the-go.

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