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Editshare - Enhancing EditShare’s flow media asset management with Automated AI

Editshare - Enhancing EditShare’s flow media asset management with Automated AI

Customer Stories

Editshare - Enhancing EditShare’s flow media asset management with Automated AI

February 6, 2024
September 1, 2023
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“The EditShare team studied the market and found that Mobius Labs offered the right vision with an incredible technology stack that meant partnering with them was the best solution to meet our customer’s needs.”
Stephen Tallamy

CTO, EditShare

EditShare empowers the media and entertainment industry to craft and sharetheir stories through smart technology, offering a number of Emmy award-winning solutions for collaborative storage and media management workflows.

Founded in 2004, EditShare is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts withadditional offices in the UK and Australia.

The Challenge

EditShare customers were looking for a solution that could help resolve the endless task of manually adding additional metadata to each of their assets within the EditShare ecosystem.

They wanted a way for the data to be available for everyone in a variety of roles including Producers, Media Assistants and Editors. They knew there must be a faster and more efficient way to do this.


Integration of the Mobius Labs SDK through APIs meant that Mobius Labs could offer EditShare customers a wide choice of solutions to this problem including:

Automated Video Keyword Identification
to analyze video content and describe it using a catalog of thousands of tags.

Shot Detection
to highlight relevant shots and automatically create segments.

Face Detection
that can save users time from manually reviewing and tagging content by adding tags using a database of thousands of celebrities and public figures.

Fully integrated into EditShare’s FLOW MAM and using FLOW automation, media can be scanned and processed, with matching metadata sent back to the FLOW central database.

Search, using the FLOW panel integrations in Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, then becomes a very simple task for any FLOW user, whether a Producer, Media Manager or an Editor/Colorist.


“The partnership with Mobius Labs and the powerful built-in algorithms mean our customers can immediately benefit from the technology as soon as it’s switched on. Now they can spend less time tagging high-throughput content and more time being creative using FLOW AI. “By adding Video Tagging, FLOW AI now not only saves time but also allows for further creativity by framing search requests by mood, weather or by time of day. This can help an editor by matching requirements more accurately whether in a Newsroom, working with unscripted content, in Sports Production, Compliance Editing or in a Post House. “Mobius AI makes our FLOW toolset much more powerful than before.”

Stephen Tallamy
CTO, EditShare

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In the ProFIT project, we are exploring models that can recognize various objects and keywords in images and can also detect and segment these objects into specific pixel locations. Furthermore, we are investigating the application of ML algorithms on edge devices, including satellites, mobile phones, and tablets. Additionally, we will explore the combination of multiple modalities, such as audio embedded in videos and the language extracted from that audio.