Superhuman Vision™ for Content Moderation

AI-powered technology that removes all unwanted content from your videos with groundbreaking precision and speed.
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Flexible Moderation

Comply with varied definitions of sensitive video content depending on the platform your visuals are presented on.

Complete Security

Keep your sensitive video content securely in your servers. No data is ever shared with us or other third parties. 

Easy to Use

Our content moderation SDK integrates so seamlessly into your system that you won’t even notice it’s there.

Automatically keep your audiences protected.

Eliminate the risk of exposing your audience to sensitive or offensive content. Our AI automatically moderates video content, while replacing difficult manual review processes. Whether you are an OTT platform, a production agency, or live streamer, Mobius Labs is the go-to solution for keeping video content safe.

Safely Deliver Content

Accurately filter out all the content creepy crawlies from your visuals. Adhere to different regulations, protect vulnerable audiences, and maintain your brand reputation.
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AI Designed for Everyone

Our video moderation solution comes pre-trained with ~10k concepts, but there’s room for more! If you want to further refine a filter/concept or add new ones, just follow 4 simple steps.

1. Upload references

Upload ±20 reference frames that provide examples of what you want the AI to learn.

2. Train concept

Let our AI learn your concept. If necessary, improve the model by easily making suggestions through our UI.

3. Test and Improve

Validate that your model is working correctly by uploading test content. Repeat the ‘Training’ phase if desired.

4. Adjust threshold

Your model is ready for use, and can be set to the desired threshold to moderate with granularity.

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