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NAB 2023, Las Vegas

April 15, 2023
12:00 am
Apr 15
Apr 19
12:00 am

If metadata is important to you then at this year’s NAB make sure you check out Visual DNA, our exciting AI metadata solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Unique to Mobius Labs, Visual DNA is already transforming the way we think about video ingest, tagging, search and archive. At NAB 2023, we are proud to introduce a suite of new complementary audio tools that can generate transcripts with state-of-the-art capabilities and keywords based on the spoken content of the video that will further supercharge your asset management system and the value of your content. If you are going to NAB this year make sure you check us out on booth W1578. Click the arrow below to find out more or make an appointment for a demo. We look forward to seeing you!

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The world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show. Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein 24, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Appu Shaji spoke to Max Smolaks of AI Business about Mobius Labs exploring the space sector, Superhuman Vision's no-code training interface, and much more at The AI Summit held in London recently.

Will Hannan presented Mobius Labs at the Imaging Executives @Photopia Hamburg and talked about how next-gen AI from Mobius Labs is revolutionizing the imaging industry.

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