Empower journalists with tagged visual archives

Superhuman Vision’s automatic, in-depth image tagging lets journalists focus more on reporting.
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Analyzes everything

Super-quick and accurate tagging of visuals with objects, faces, concepts. Even identifies and tags abstract emotional content of a photograph.

Why choose Superhuman Vision™?

Reduced tagging time

Cuts image key-wording time by up to 50% of other solutions

Recognizes emotions

Identifies more than just objects and people

Runs locally

An SDK which seamlessly integrates with your system

Hear it from our clients

With 100 million+ images and thousands of daily submissions, ANP journalists were struggling to manage their content archive. Our AI eased this process.
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ANP Case Study

computer vision

“Mobius Labs met our two main objectives: highest success rate, including emotional recognition while demonstrating a clear understanding of our industry. Together they contributed to our decision to select their computer vision technology.”

Patrick Rasenberg, Product Manager Photo

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