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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

Turn Back Time with Visual DNA


Deep Visual Analysis with AI

February 16, 2023
February 28, 2022
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Superhuman Vision™ technology that finds emotional, meaningful, context-rich visuals

Identify critical objects and abstract concepts with industry-leading accuracy

How do you train AI to see the world in all its detail?  To understand abstract concepts such as love, democracy and health as well as physical objects?

This is the incredible level of detail that Mobius Labs brings to visual analysis through its advanced Superhuman Vision™ technology.

This ability to understand and categorize abstract as well as physical elements is a game changer for computer vision.

You can now classify and analyze all kinds of imagery and video at unprecedented speed and scale. And adapt this technology to the exact needs of your business. From photo libraries, publishers and creative agencies to agriculture, manufacturing and satellite operations.

This opens the door to a wealth of business opportunities. You can better connect customers with popular images that match their tastes and buying behavior. Create attractive video highlights that help convert sales. Or automate the analysis of industrial imagery to streamline operations and fix issues before they become problems.

This ability to turn pictures and pixels into business performance has already transformed the operations of established, global companies, as well as agile startups. It is also available via a flexible range of licensing options that match a range of financial and business models.

Train models to understand concepts, people or styles based on the ever-growing needs of your business and user preferences.

Speed: Faster tagging cuts image keywording time by up to 50% compared with other solutions. Few-shot learning means employees can create new models with just a few dozen images in a matter of minutes.

Scale: More than 10,000 classifiers for tagging images that can be applied to your archive are available straight out of the box. Tag up to 50 images a second, the equivalent of four million images per day. Process video at 10 times normal speed.

Efficiency: Our software is deployed locally as an SDK. This means it can be deployed ‘at the edge’ offering deep visual analysis ‘on-board’ devices from laptops and smartphones to satellites and drones.

Flexibility: Insights in a range of industries, from creative agencies and stock image libraries, to industrial settings and agriculture.

Emotional intelligence: Capture abstract concepts from human emotions such as love, fear and excitement to social categories covering health, politics and the arts.

Powerful video analysis: Segment videos by highlight scores to identify important scenes. Create promotional or summary videos from your content using the auto highlights feature.

Next-gen AI that streamlines the way companies find relevant creative content for clients and brands

While the overall benefits of deep visual analysis are powerful, it’s equally important that these advantages can be adapted quickly to the specific needs of your organization.

This is where Superhuman Vision™ excels. Mobius Labs technology offers the opportunity to analyze visual information at scale and speed and use this information for competitive advantage or swift intervention to resolve operational issues.

Creative platforms: Connect your users with the perfect visuals for their creative briefs. Streamline the discovery of creative content for clients and brands. Identify visuals that perfectly match designated brand style and aesthetics.

Press and broadcasting: Automatically find the right visuals for every story. Enrich images with in-depth metadata as they enter your database, and take full control of your search queries.

Media asset management: Transform how you sort and manage large media assets. Automatically identify over 11,000 public figures and segment frames accordingly.

Easily train the AI model to identify new faces from just one reference frame.

Satellite operations: Leading speed and accuracy from on-device models that can detect objects at 50ms per image. Our tools work with both optical and synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) data using the same model infrastructure.

Internet to print services: Analyze in depth the photos that clients are most likely to print and the products they prefer. Use this information to up- and cross-sell photo-books, calendars, posters, phone cases and more.  

Agriculture: Gather detailed analysis that helps improve plant health, optimize harvesting conditions, and reduce the impact of pests and disease.

Industrial settings: Sophisticated analysis of equipment and buildings removes the need for manual inspection. This automated process enables rapid intervention which prevents minor issues turning into dangerous and expensive problems.

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Written by
Peter Springett
Edited by
Trisha Mandal
Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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