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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

Turn Back Time with Visual DNA


Flexible and Customizable AI

February 16, 2023
February 28, 2022
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Superhuman Vision™ technology that adapts to the needs of your business, employees and customers
Open the door to new opportunities, new customers, new markets

Until recently, artificial Intelligence and computer vision were specialist activities. In most cases, they required the intervention of scarce professional resources such as data scientists and software engineers.

Not any longer. Thanks to Superhuman Vision™ from Mobius Labs anyone, anywhere can build and deploy visual AI-powered applications.

The consequences—and benefits—for your business are enormous.

Rather than waiting for expensive internal or external software resources to become available, your employees can train algorithms in a matter of minutes, using only a few dozens of images instead of thousands, and a simple-to-use no-code interface.

R+D budgets reduced? Check. Faster results? That too.

But there’s more to this than raw efficiency. End users, who are closer to the business process are better equipped to solve problems, create new IP and identify new revenue streams.

By putting new technology in the hands of people who understand the business, you open the door to new opportunities, new customers and new markets.The possibilities are only limited by the experience, imagination and creativity of your employees.

Easily train models to understand new concepts, people or styles based on the ever-growing needs of your business and the preferences of your users

Lightning speed out-of-the-box: With more than 10,000 tags available out of the box, you can start tagging photo and video archives in a matter of minutes according to objects, people, location, perceived emotions, abstract concepts and ideas, and many other criteria.

Speed: Few-shot learning means employees can create new models with very little training data. Our advanced algorithms do the heavy lifting by discovering the most relevant features and detecting generalisable patterns. Faster tagging cuts image keywording time by up to 50% compared with other solutions.

Ease of use: Our user-friendly, no-code interface means companies can now build products and applications in minutes without involving data scientists and software engineers. Employees no longer need to pause projects while they wait for specialist resources to become available. It’s like having an R+D team in every department.

Efficiency: Our software is deployed locally as an SDK. With a light processing footprint, it becomes possible to install efficient models on low-powered devices including laptops, smartphones, and satellites.  

Flexible control: Your data belongs to you and stays with you. Period. Unlike other AI and computer vision providers, we never see your data because it is always stored on your local infrastructure be that on-premise, a private cloud or any other configuration.

Give people and businesses the tools to flex their creative and commercial muscles.

In the past, spreadsheets, email and smartphones have revolutionized the workplace. Computer vision is the latest example of how to unlock employee potential and business value by democratising the use of technology.

As well delivering powerful computer vision technology out of the box, we give your end-users a powerful tool that they can quickly adapt to multiple business and commercial settings.

Designers and creatives: Train models that identify the most appealing content for local cultures and regional tastes. Whether your business is fashion, fine art, or interior design, you can surface photographs and videos that more powerfully engage specific demographics.  

Image libraries: Use small training sets to identify local VIPs, celebrities and historical figures from archives of millions of images. Make it easier for customers to find and then license high value, professional photography.

Press and broadcasting: Respond at speed to breaking news. Filter content from photo-journalists on the ground, and find the most compelling shots for your audience. Find and filter archive images that illustrate new and unexpected events.  

Satellite operations: Our lightweight SDK easily integrates with existing on-board hardware to support detection and segmentation models. Power-efficient technology is optimized for low-latency, low-data scenarios where every ounce of space hardware is critical.

Internet to print services: Process as many photos as needed with our flat rate price model. Our SDK can be directly installed into your system, kiosks or devices for a super smooth customer experience.

Image licensing: Our no-code solution runs out of the box, connects to any system, and has a super user-friendly and convenient interface that lets you train new concepts in minutes. Simplify client searches by accelerating the classification and storage of metadata by format.

Content moderation: Moderate your content locally, without even needing an internet connection. The SDK integrates seamlessly into your systems, devices or your cloud. Customize the moderation level of each concept to protect vulnerable groups or meet regulatory guidelines.

Media asset management: Integrate our computer vision technology with your digital asset management solution and offer state of the art, customisable computer vision tagging and classification features to customers.

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Written by
Peter Springett
Edited by
Trisha Mandal
Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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