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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

Turn Back Time with Visual DNA


Leverage secure, on-premise AI solutions

July 5, 2022
February 17, 2022
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Don’t depend on Big Data to get big results

Carefully curated and sorted visual archives offer unassailable competitive advantages to businesses. But if archives are processed on the cloud or third-party servers, they run the risk of being exploited, lost, or violating privacy regulations.

Choose a solution that lets you keep your data where it belongs: with you. Our computer vision technology is delivered as an SDK (Software Development Kit) that works on-premise, in your own systems.

This means
- zero compromise in data ownership and security
- total control over your content
- lightweight models that can be deployed on ‘edge’ devices like laptops and satellites
- the ability to customize solutions in-house based on your business needs without sharing sensitive data

We don’t need access to your data in order to give you the best results. To know more about how Superhuman Vision ensures complete control and privacy for your business, check out our detailed article here.

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Written by
Trisha Mandal
Edited by
Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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