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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

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A New Generation of Computer Vision Is Here: Meet Superhuman Vision™

July 5, 2022
December 4, 2020
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Human vision is one of the core faculties which gives us the ability to internalize new perspectives, organize our thoughts and make sense of everything around us. Our desire to use our vision to see and know more has led to the discovery of wonderful technologies in the past. Now we are at a stage where we can impart this comprehensive vision to machines. As old assumptions about the scope of computer vision are now becoming irrelevant, the technology will soon reach a point where everybody will use it on a daily basis.

Presently lying at crossroads between the early adopters (seeking to disrupt entire industries) and the early majority (seeking to solve specific pain points), computer vision AI is gearing up to cross the chasm between the two. Mobius Labs prides itself in contributing to this transformation.

The next generation AI powered computer vision from Mobius Labs is transforming the technology so radically that we’re giving it a new name. It’s no longer just computer vision, it’s Superhuman Vision.

Superhuman Vision: Latest computer vision tech | Mobius Labs
Superhuman Vision is a cut above off-the-shelf computer vision tech.

One of the novelties of Superhuman Vision is it’s extensive accessibility. Whether it is an experienced data scientist, a marketing agent or simply an individual with a computer and a curious mind, the scale of Superhuman Vision technology makes it useful and operable by anyone, anywhere. Mobius Labs makes technology that is easily trainable: it can be used to train machines without any coding involved, thereby allowing anybody to become a machine learning expert. All this is possible with the Few-shot Learning feature which needs very little training data to learn a new concept.

Few-shot object detection: Computer vision solutions | Mobius Labs
Love plants? Few-Shot Learning not only recognizes images of plants, but also keeps your specific aesthetic in mind!

Most companies often don’t have access to the appropriate amount of clean data needed to train their models. Our technology is noise-tolerant, which lets you squeeze more value from any kind of visual data.

Superhuman Vision technology from Mobius Labs stands out from other computer vision solutions in the market as it goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions that simply recognize or detect objects in visual content. This technology not only does facial and image recognition, but also detects abstract concepts and emotions in visual data. Furthermore, Superhuman Vision technology thinks like you do: it lets you decide what is important for you so that you can customize your devices to identify things accordingly.

Superhuman Vision is already being used by a number of companies around the globe. Starting from press agencies and stock photo companies, to influencer marketing agencies and social networking platforms, this technology adds scalable business value wherever it is deployed.

ANP, the largest press agency in the Netherlands, has successfully increased its revenue with Superhuman Vision technology. Their client searches now return more relevant images, thanks to the super-fast keywording and facial recognition features that Superhuman Vision offers.

EyeEm, has cut its image tagging time by 50% with the Mobius Labs technology.

Influential, an influencer marketing platform chose to move away from their earlier computer vision solution provided by Amazon to Superhuman Vision from Mobius Labs. This decision was based on the Mobius Labs solution performing considerably better on a number of keywording metrics, and having a more scalable pricing model.

Our client stories give a comprehensive overview of the application of Superhuman Vision in multiple businesses.

Data privacy in AI | Mobius Labs

Mobius Labs acknowledges the right for data privacy; our Superhuman computer vision solution is an SDK/API which rightly ensures that it is a tech that you control. This technology is built for the edge and can be deployed within minutes on ‘edge devices’ like laptops and mobile phones. Our SDK is designed to be installed where you need it: on-premise, on-device, or in the cloud. We have successful commercial installations of our solution in servers, mobiles, cameras and even satellites. All our clients have complete possession of their data and are able to customize the technology in the way that best suits their business models.

Our company’s vision is to rise above old fashioned models of companies trying to control user data. Most current business models treat data as a product and therefore rely on getting access to huge amounts of data in order to improve their computer vision solutions.

Mobius Labs instead provides more value to clients with its customized computer vision solutions that allow the building of one's own applications. As a company, we maintain that the availability of data is not the most significant aspect of AI; the drive to allow others to express their own ideas and give them the tools to do so is the most important aspect of AI and computer vision.

Computer Vision is the solution for huge visual data-sets.

The world is drowning in visual content. The challenge lies in developing creative and innovative solutions that enable any business to deal with this massive amount of visual data. Mobius Labs bases its solutions on the scientific principles of research and problem solving. Our technological solutions not only give commercial advantages to businesses, but also help in the prosperity of the science community and society at large.

We believe that vision is a superpower; and our mission is to add Superhuman Vision to any application, device or process, thus giving you unassailable competitive advantage.

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Written by
Trisha Mandal
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Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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