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Editshare - Enhancing EditShare’s flow media asset management with Automated AI

Editshare - Enhancing EditShare’s flow media asset management with Automated AI


AI for every business and use case

February 16, 2023
February 28, 2022
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Did you know that AI is not just a buzzword anymore?

From media and marketing, to content management and creative platforms: computer vision AI is being used hands-on in various industries to scale processes and revenue streams.

The key to achieving this is leveraging a technology that is flexible enough to support your exact business needs, and does need a team of data scientists for installation and implementation.

Superhuman Vision is just that: a no-code, customizable AI solution that adapts to your business, your users, and the exact use case you’re looking for.

- A software that identifies more than 10,000 image tags including objects, people, concepts, logos, that resonate with your specific needs
- A user-friendly, zero code custom concept training interface that anyone can train and use
- ‘Few-shot learning’ models so that you can create new concepts by simply uploading 30-40 reference images
- An on-premise solution, that can be easily installed in your own systems and integrates with them flawlessly

It’s like having an R+D team in every department: with Superhuman Vision, you can build products and applications in minutes without involving data scientists and software engineers.

If you’re curious to learn more about our flexible solution, check out this article.

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Trisha Mandal
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Xana Ramos

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Mobius Labs GmbH is receiving additional funding by the ProFIT program of the Investment Bank of Berlin. The goal of the ProFIT project “Superhuman Vision 2.0 for every application- no code, customizable, on- premise  AI solutions ” is to revolutionize the work with technical images. (f.e.) This project is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).

In the ProFIT project, we are exploring models that can recognize various objects and keywords in images and can also detect and segment these objects into specific pixel locations. Furthermore, we are investigating the application of ML algorithms on edge devices, including satellites, mobile phones, and tablets. Additionally, we will explore the combination of multiple modalities, such as audio embedded in videos and the language extracted from that audio.