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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

Turn Back Time with Visual DNA


Flexible AI for Press and Broadcasting

July 5, 2022
February 28, 2022
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Struggling to sort and tag huge image archives in light of ever-changing trends?

With socio-political trends evolving and changing every other day, the need to quickly sort image archives in a contemporary light is significant now more than ever.

Empowering journalists with AI technology to sort image archives means that they can illustrate exactly what they wish to convey. This entails choosing a solution that detects and tags even abstract concepts like democracy in crisis, body positivity, gender equality, or global warming so that they can keep up with the times.

A modern solution that allows this has to be flexible, which means it should:
- be a powerful computer vision model that learns new faces with only 1 reference image
- be an ethical AI that has been trained on balanced data-sets to reduce chances of social biases in images
- allow anyone to train new trends or concepts quickly using a no-code training interface
- be a data-conscious solution that can be trained to detect new situations, contexts, movements, or trends using just 20-40 reference images
- have threshold sensitive image tagging that helps you comply with various brand specific, national, and local regulations

R+D budgets reduced? Check. Faster results? That too. We believe in empowering end users who are closer to the business process so that they can customize our solutions based on their business needs, instead of waiting for a tech team to do the work for them.

With Superhuman Vision you can filter content from photo-journalists on the ground, and find the most compelling shots for your audience. You can also conveniently find and filter archive images that illustrate new and unexpected events.

Curious to know more about our flexible and customizable solution? Read more here.

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Written by
Trisha Mandal
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Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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