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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA

Turn Back Time with Visual DNA


Context-rich image analysis for Press archives

July 5, 2022
February 17, 2022
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Find pictures that are newsworthy with one click

Not all pictures speak a thousand words, find the ones that do.

Manual tagging of huge archives is time-consuming and prone to error. Moreover, it’s often difficult to manually sort visuals that have something new, unusual, interesting, or significant in them that would catch the eyes of consumers.

Supercharge your archives using an AI solution that analyses and tags abstract concepts, demographics, brands, events, people, so that finding relevant visuals becomes easy-peasy.

Choose an image tagging system that is fast, accurate, and in-depth.

With Superhuman Vision’s deep visual analysis, you can
- Cut image keywording time by up to 50% compared with other solutions
- Capture abstract concepts like climate change, democracy in crisis, body positivity and keep up with changing socio-political trends
- Maintain balanced demographics in your visuals
- Create custom concepts easily to identify the newest socio–political trends
- Segment videos by highlight scores to identify important scenes

Analyze visual information at scale and speed and use this information for competitive advantage or swift intervention to resolve operational issues.

Want to know more about our Deep Visual Analysis? Read our detailed article here.

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Written by
Trisha Mandal
Edited by
Illustrated by
Xana Ramos

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Turn Back Time with Visual DNA
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